How do I buy photos

Adding photos to your shopping cart

Click on the gallery you want to purchase from. There is a button that says Buy Photo in two places.

The first place is in the gallery view where it displays all photos from the game. The Buy Photo button is in the upper right corner above the top row of pictures.

If you are browsing within the gallery and looking at enlarged views of the pictures the Buy Photo button is in the top right corner.

Pick the photo size

Once you are in the cart you have the option purchase different sizes. If you don't see an option there will be a button that says change product it shows all the options for sizes.

What about digital downloads?

If you want to buy Digital Downloads, just click the downloads tab in the cart and choose the size you want.

Web Size image is roughly 640x480 pixels in size, or 0.3 megapixels. It's great for sharing on social sites like Facebook.

1Mpix (Low-Res ) image is roughly 1280x960 pixels, about big enough to print as an 8×10

4Mpix (Hi-Res) image is roughly 2240x1680 pixels. This is a size that allows for quality printing at most reasonable sizes. If you plan on printing at really large poster sizes, you would probably want the original image.

Original image is the exact image that the photographer has put online identical in every way.

Note: Not all sizes are available for all images.

Frequently asked questions

• Can I buy prints from multiple galleries? Yes! You can purchase from different galleries.

• What about shipping? Add your items to the shopping cart. After you enter your address, you will get shipping options and pricing.

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